Kent Classic

Kent Classic

Location: Kent, United Kingdom
Author: Sam Hawthorn


If you are up for a challenging ride, there are several climbs to tackle on your way out of London to Sevenoaks. Star Hill and Halliloo Valley are challenging both ascending and descending. The variety of the roads and surroundings helps you forget about the potential looming Biggin Hill. 

The ride through the flat terrain of Woldingham gives you the feeling you are cycling through a valley in the Alps. This is a welcome respite from some tough climbing.

If you are feeling like you have a big day in you, the Kent hills will humble you. Though you can weave your way around Biggin Hill if you prefer to avoid it. Sevenoaks and Woldingham are picturesque stop offs in what can turn out to be a brutal day in the saddle.


Local Recommendations 

Café Recommendation- Otto’s:


Star Hill is similar to Box Hill in terms of length and difficulty, with spectacular views of Sevenoaks at the top.


Halliloo Valley Road is not an aggressive climb but one that creeps up on you. Surrounded by golf courses, it’s one to cry out in pain without being noticed.



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